KampoengKemasan – LESEHANINDONESIA.com (16/06/2018) – There will be a special event later, kaosKOEAS.com will build Brand & Brain Awareness of a content that is called TEKNOPARK INDONESIA, is a destination that is not merely interesting to travel or also presents a special atmosphere that will only be 2 (two) times in 1 ( one) Year, especially for Villages area and Kampoeng Kemasan in Indonesia as an area that belongs to the area with Be Cool surroundings !

These destinations and content are multi-media and the integration of promotion and revitalization is not only good for the sponsors or others who’s concerned and any parties who care about the World & the Children Affairs but also involved in promoting the excellent products of the Children of the country directly to the domestic community in overseas . . . Browse & Stare at the World!

BICOOLE – BI COOLE – Be Cool through by KaosKOEAS.com
Be Streaming Be Cool – BICOOLE.zilau

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